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We Help Founders Secure Growth Capital through Strategic Corporate Partner Ecosystem Design and Activation

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We help brands grow and scale through strategic corporate partnerships, using a data-driven framework to identify and secure perfectly matched partners

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We have developed a data-rich, high-tech approach to forming partner ecosystems based on Collaborative Capitalism principles

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Emerging brands can successfully use corporate partnerships to obtain growth capital. By identifying the right partner, companies can access the resources and expertise they need to grow their businesses and reach new audiences.

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We believe that corporate collaboration is the key to unlocking growth and success for businesses of all sizes. IWe're excited to showcase some of our amazing corporate partners who have worked with us as partners and clients. From startups to established brands, our collaborative approach has helped businesses of all kinds to secure funding, access new markets, and grow their customer base.

”Emerging brands should have access to the resources that Corporate Partners bring to the market”

- Tai Aracen, founder